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Matthew Boudreaux

Matthew Boudreaux

Financial Professional

We help people use money as a tool to enjoy life today while planning responsibly for tomorrow.

Am I saving enough for retirement? Are my investment strategies appropriate to meet my goals? Am I (or will I be in the future) paying too much in taxes? Am I properly protected when it comes to uncertainties? These are the questions that led me to become a financial coach and advisor.

My professional background is in education and ministry - 2 career paths that usually don't lend themselves to making someone a "high-income earner". I waited longer than I should have to begin asking myself the above questions. And it was then when I discovered that I needed a financial advisor to help me with this process. Through my personal planning journey, I learned that financial planners do exactly what I had always done in other areas - educate, set goals, and coach people to move in the direction of their finish line. It became something that seemed to be a natural fit for me to pursue.

Since becoming a financial professional, I've learned how much I enjoy helping people develop their own financial goals and planning strategies. Once we understand your circumstances and goals, we can help you create a plan to help you live closer to the retirement that you envision. Our strategy is to build a long-lasting relationship that gives you the confidence in planning for your financial future.

A little about me personally. My wife and I have a busy life with 4 kids ranging in age from 8-18. When time permits, I love to be outdoors. My passions are spending time with my family and playing music. I also love college football.